Why Video Testimonials Are So Important For Your Brand

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The Internet is all about content with a purpose. A great way to build your content presence is by producing video testimonials. With 65% of consumers classified as visual learners, this is an effective way to communicate messages about your business in an understandable and engaging way. Find out exactly why video testimonials should be on your short list of marketing tactics.

Build Brand Trust

It is well known that people trust “real people” more than they do a brand. By showing potential consumers an actual happy customer, your brand is gaining social proof. People will feel more comfortable trusting your brand because you are not the one talking about the brand, a customer is. The more customers endorse your brand, the more people will see these positive testimonials, and the more credible your brand and its messages become because people are backing up what the brand is communicating.

Create Authenticity

By showing the person that is behind the testimonial, this makes the whole testimonial more trustworthy because you are able to see the expression on their face and their voice as they describe their experience with your brand. This also makes your brand look more transparent and sincere because you are featuring a real person and not just words on a page.

Execute Inexpensively

You do not need to spend big bucks either. Creating a high-quality video testimonial is relatively inexpensive. These videos require minimal equipment and set-up. The essential components for making a great testimonial are lighting and picture quality. With these, the video testimonial will look professional and polished, perfect for projecting a positive image of your brand. Also, compared to paid ads, video testimonials are quick and easy from start to finish. They generate a lot of impressions and ignite word-of-mouth marketing and social sharing.

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