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According to Forrester, Online Video will account for 97% of all online traffic in 2017!

Let’s face it.  Video is not going anywhere.  Yes, it all started with that YouTube thing and cat videos!  Well, as you probably know, this has expanded to a much wider audience by now!

Video or more specifically, online digital video, has changed they way we surf, shop and make decisions!

80 percent of Millennials now consider video content when researching a purchase decision!

And it’s not just Millennials who are digesting tons of online video, Generation X and Baby Boomers are on there as well!

75 percent of Generation X consider video content when researching a purchase decision!

So here are some things you should know when it comes to creating online video content for Parent’s of Millennials:


People always ask us how long they should make their student housing marketing videos.  What I tell my clients, is that Google statistics teaches us that you have ONLY the first :15 seconds to grab your target audience’s attention, after that, people will click out of your video.  Then, you really only have :60 – :90 seconds to tell your story.  After :90, viewership drops significantly.  So if you do happen to grab your audience in the first :15, then you better hold their attention, especially if you plan on making them sit past :90 seconds!


More than 100 million people engage in social media every day!  Gone are the days of just running a really cool ad and then waiting for the phone to ring.  You have to engage your audience and create your content in a way that allows other to interact with it.  If you post your videos on your Blog or YouTube, you should encourage your audience to share it, post their comments or like it.  It is the social video that will have the most success for your brand!


80%OF MILLENNIALSWANT BRANDS TO ENTERTAIN THEM!  Video is meant to be emotional!  So use it!  From the lighting, to camera angles and sound, video can compel your audience to feel something for your brand and ultimately become brand advocates.  Make sure that you cast strong talent and hire a video team who has experience in your field so you make sure you always have a high-quality product!  At the same time, this is a chance to also educate your audience.  While you entertain them with dynamic special effects, it’s okay to include motion graphics with facts about your property (i.e. the amenities, square footage, location, etc.).  Remember, people love to be entertained by video; however, you can also include some helpful information, you will have a better chance of selling them on your property!


This is where we practice Persona development.  This is a great time to really get inside your target audience’s head and focus on what keeps them up at night.  Make sure that your video addresses their deepest concerns.  One thing that we hear quite a bit from Parent’s is that they like the idea of their son/daughter living in a newer facility off-campus; however, they are concerned about the walking distance to their classes.  Using digital, interactive maps, we are able to show the proximity from the off-campus student housing buildings to their classes.  This is a great way to utilize fun, visually compelling graphics while also addressing their pain points!


Lastly, you need to tell your story.  One of my greatest mentors once said to me, “Rami, no author ever writes a story without the end in mind!”  This very true.  Before you say, “Lights, Camera, Action” really think about your creative and what you want your audience to take away from your video.  Better yet, what is your goal with the video?  If you start with the end in mind, then you can begin to create a story that will resonate with both Parent’s and Student’s alike and create a strong following of brand advocates!

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