Real Estate: Hook Your Next Buyer With A Lifestyle Video

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The real estate industry is buzzing with the latest in real estate marketing: lifestyle videos. These videos depict the ideal life of someone who lives in the featured unit and can often be the determining factor between making the sale or not. In fact, real estate properties that have a video will receive over 400% more inquiries and sell much faster than those without video. Find out how a lifestyle video could work for you and your property.

When Making A Lifestyle Video

Keep It Short

Lifestyle videos can be incredibly engaging, but the fact is that people’s attention spans are getting shorter, so it is important to keep them short and to the point.

In the world of video:

70% of viewers watch for 30 seconds
50% of viewers watch for 60 seconds
25% of viewers watch for 2 minutes

While featuring everything your property has to offer in this short amount of time is not possible, you can still highlight what is most important to consumers. Promote the key features that are unique to your property and will give it an edge over the competition. By making your video relevant and useful, along with fun to watch, you will be able to keep more eyes on your video for longer.

Remember The Consumer

While your storyline and footage may rival that of a Hollywood film, it is important to remember that none of this will matter if you’re not calling attention to the features of the listing that the consumer really cares about. Whether you are trying to attract students, young professionals, or new families, know your consumer and know what they like.

One way to find out what your consumers are interested in is to simply ask them. Find out before you start planning your video, in order to seamlessly include those features in the video. Some common things that consumers want more information on are the number of bedrooms and bathrooms along with their size, total square footage of the listing, the amenities it has to offer, and most importantly, its location.

Now that you know how to make a successful lifestyle video, let’s dive into why it works so well.

Why Lifestyle Videos Work

Distinguish The Listing

Lifestyle videos distinguish that listing from all the others like it. The story aspect of the video engages the viewer and helps activate their imagination. This starts the whole process of getting the consumer invested in the listing and occupying more of their time and memory. When the consumer has significantly invested himself or herself into the property or unit, there are more opportunities to introduce the distinguishing factors of the unit and help the consumer see why your property is special.

It is important to broadcast the quality of your property, and show consumers why it would be the best place for them to live.

Connect The Consumer To The Listing

71% of consumers say that video is the best way to bring product features to life, but only 2% of real estate agents hire a professional film crew for their property marketing. This creates a tremendous opportunity to use lifestyle videos to bring life to your property and build a greater connection between your consumer and property.

Lifestyle videos engage and connect with consumers on a level that still images cannot. The video can help ignite your consumer’s imagination into picturing themselves living at the property and what their life could be like. Lifestyle videos work and could mean the difference between selling the listing or not.

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