Rami Kalla Bio


FAVORITE COLOR: Black (if that counts)
FAVORITE MOVIE: My favorite movie of all time is Braveheart!

Profession: Owner / Founder


I founded point in time studios over 11 years ago and it has been a fun adventure. I received my Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees from Arizona State University in 1999. I truly started my career in film by producing short films when I was 10 years old. My Dad brought home one of those huge VHS cameras, where you had to carry half of the VCR on your shoulder! I was intrigued by the whole process and started to make short films with friends and family.

Then in January of 2003, I started point in time studios. I am involved in the local film community including such boards as the Arizona Production Association, the Art Institute Phoenix, the Peoria Unified School District as well as the Accelerator Entrepreneurs Organization.

I have had the privilege to work with such amazing brands as Ford, PetSmart, Coca-Cola, McDonalds and AOL.

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