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In the past decade, we have had the pleasure to work with hundreds of amazing clients.  From large Fortune 100 companies, to smaller local brands, we have helped them to tell their stories through film and market it online.

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We love what we do! Check out some of our most recent work below!

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3D Animation

Our creative Animation team will work with your designers and architects to create a realistic 3D environment of both the interior and exterior of your student housing building. From the windows to the plates, no detail is overlooked. Our 3D camera will then fly through several rooms of your property and give your audience a realistic journey through your building before you have broken ground!


Virtual Reality

The future is here! Our experienced Virtual Reality and 3D team will work with you to create a truly surreal experience as your audience will be able to truly tour your Student Housing building in a full 3D virtual environment!



Our professional video production team will fly out to your location, hire a local talent and film in the area surrounding your Student Housing building. Your audience will see first hand what it looks and feels like to live and go to school there. From the local coffee shops, to the campus and restaurants, we will capture the local Hot spots and produce a dynamic commercial that will drive sales.

Point In Time Video Production Phoenix, AZ  Phoenix, AZ Video Production & Editing  2D & 3D Video Animation Phoenix, AZ 

+ - Our Mission
To create videos that entertain,  inspire and produce results for our clients!
+ - Our Values
Take Ownership . Have Integrity . Show Creativity . Have Fun . Be Humble! 
+ - Did You Know?
Video appears in 70% of Top 100 search listings 95% more customers likely to buy with video 96% Chance of 1st page on Google with video

Our Team

You are only as good as your people ...

  • Rami Kalla Rami Kalla Owner / Founder

    I founded point in time studios over 11 years ago and it has been a fun adventure. I received my Bachelor of Arts….


  • Kyle Schlosser Kyle Schlosser Lead Creative

    I am a local 3D artist and graduate of ASU with a bachelors degree in digital film. I have three years of professional…


  • Tyler Higgins Tyler Higgins Editor / Cinematographer

    My past work experience has included working with such brands as Phoenix Home and Garden and Sky Mall…


  • Autumn Farrell Autumn Farrell Editor / Cinematographer

    I accidentally stumbled into filmmaking after years of dance, theater, music, and creative writing…


  • Justin Crowe Justin Crowe Director of Photography

    I grew up in Eugene, OR where I received my degree in Journalism & Multimedia with a minor in digital arts…


  • Abel Acosta Abel Acosta Cinematographer

    demo_picA local Phoenix filmmaker, I specialize in cinematography and location sound mixing with experience in film…….


  • Victoria Valenzuela Victoria Valenzuela Cinematographer

    Victoria ValenzuelaI am a cinematographer working around the valley and a graduate of ASU with a Bachelor of Arts degree in film…


  • Dennis Ly Dennis Ly Cinematographer

    I started off learning film photography back in 2006 when I was 14 years old. My father handed down…


  • Cody Thomas LeCates Cody Thomas LeCates GAFFER / CINEMATOGRAPHER

    Cody Thomas LeCatesI started film production in high school and continued my education at Arizona State and Scottsdale Community College…


  • Justin R. Morina Justin R. Morina CAMERA OPERATOR

    Cody Thomas LeCatesI have always been interested in film from a young age. I started with making, what I thought were just fantastic…


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Creative Services


Storyboards are graphic schedules used to essentially brainstorm the content and sequence of a film or video. Prior to filming the video footage, we put together an organized series of snap shot images that bring the written idea to life. It is a vivid outline that is developed to review all aspects of the video content and confirm that all goals are accomplished. At Point in Time Studios, we utilize storyboards to encourage the engagement of clients in the developmental process. From the conception to the final edits, we ensure that our clients are involved throughout the entire process, to ensure they receive the highest quality video that truly reflects their brand.


Creating projects in 3D allows for our clients to explore and create new worlds or elements that would not be easily produced in the real world. It allows us to tell complex stories using visual illustration and photo realistic imagery. At Point in Time Studios, we are experts at creating 3D buildings, objects, characters, logos and much more!

Video Creative, Editing, Scripting

Video is an expanding source on the Internet and is projected to take over more of the Internet space in the near future. It provides a more interactive experience for viewers and evokes emotion through visuals and sound. Point in Time Studios develops all aspects of the content in the video with our clients. Video footage can give a company personality to attract new customers and retain existing ones. It is more than just words on a screen or a still image; it is sounds and motion pictures that attract the attention of the audience.

+ - Creative

At Point in Time Studios, we understand the significance of our work and how it reflects our client’s brand. Creativity stems from thinking outside the box and working with trial and error. It also produces the best work when having fun is part of the process. We begin our creative process by understanding our client’s needs and then brainstorm as a team. We believe that no idea is a bad idea. We then distill the variety of ideas into clear, concise concepts through the use of storyboards. Our team has many years of experience and will deliver the most effective creative for our client’s projects.

+ - Scripting

Scripting is like a base or backbone that not only initiates but also is essential in the entire development of the project. We have an in house copywriter and use such professional Hollywood programs as Final Draft. At Point in Time Studios we like to ensure the communication of our clients’ messages are portrayed and perceived in the way the client had envisioned.

+ - Editing

There is always room for improvement even when the work is good to begin with. Everyone nowadays has a computer and can cut, slice, and piece footage together, but there is more to it than that. It is forming and telling a story that will resonate with a client’s customer while reflecting their brand. Through the use of editing we select and prepare the most viable pieces of content we have created. We work alongside our clients by sending progressive edits to make sure we are on the right path by bringing our clients’ ideas to life in the ways they imagined.

+ - Green Screen

Newly added to our office, Point in Time Studios possesses our own green screen. It gives us more flexibility with the film content so that we are able to produce and diversify ourselves from other companies. Even though we are based in Arizona, we could make the footage look like we filmed almost anywhere in the world or create your own setting using 3D and 2D graphics. We can film in our space and create the background of your choice upon request.

+ - Studio

Within our workspace we have a studio stage that can be utilized for shooting footage. At Point in Time Studios, we focus on providing accessible opportunities for our clients and providing our own studio space is one of the many valuable features we offer. We take a lot of pride in our office environment and location. We are located off of Mill Avenue, at the Brickyard, in a cool urban loft building that has large windows and a lovely view of downtown Tempe.

+ - Lighting

The difference between a low budget and high budget film can be apparent based on the lighting. Professional lighting will set the mood and feel of any video. Using the right mix of light temperatures and styles will give your video the most professional look and help emphasize the main focus areas of the footage. All of our lighting, here at Point in Time Studios, is professional, Hollywood quality lighting.

+ - Audio

Audio is an essential part of any video as it helps ensure that the message is fully communicated. Audio truly sets the tone of any video and a low-quality audio recording will detract from the mission of any video. High quality, crisp, clear audio is absolutely imperative to the success of any video campaign. Point in Time Studios uses only top of the line audio recording equipment to provide high-quality sound in all of our videos. Our audio can be recorded in a variety of ways, from the raw footage of the film to voice-overs and sound effects.

+ - HD

High definition provides high quality images. The image is so crisp and clear with stunning, vibrant colors that it will make our clients feel as if they are virtually in the video. HD also makes the video feel more personable and realistic. Recognizing that HD has now become the industry standard and that the majority of our clients have HD TVs, all of the cameras and editing equipment at Point in Time studios are HD.

+ - New Mac Pro Editing Systems

Apple has always been the front runner in cutting edge computer technology for graphic design, video, and animation. Many online sources describe the New Mac Pro Editing Systems as the fastest and most efficient computers on the market today! We like to invest more than just our time into our client’s projects, Point in Time Studios also recently invested in several of the newest, top of the line Mac Pro Computer Systems. These new systems will ensure that we are always producing the highest quality video, with the quickest turnaround, to meet our client’s deadlines.

+ - SteadiCam

Anyone is capable of filming video, but the quality of that video depends on filming techniques and the resources and skills available. SteadiCam is a camera mount that enables someone to capture extraordinary footage. Through the use of SteadiCam, Point in Time Studios ensures that the cameras are steady while filming exhilarating, but crisp footage from different angles. By providing stability, this camera mount allows for smooth and sharp film to be captured while running around a set, up and down stairs, or even moving alongside a car.

+ - Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite has the newest and some of the most advanced editing technology. Some of the applications are used for video production and editing, cinematic visual effects, and motion graphics, to name a few of their attributes. At Point in Time Studios we invest in the latest technology that will enrich the overall quality of our client’s videos. The use of Adobe Creative Cloud gives us the flexibility to customize each project to fit our client’s needs. With this technology we can develop innovative and fun pieces that take our client’s projects to the next level.


The presentation of a company to the public relies heavily on how their product and services are communicated. Developing marketing content is one of our many specialties. Point in Time Studios is a video marketing agency that helps our client’s promote their videos on such platforms as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Vine, Instagram and many more!


Complete the above form or call us to setup a meeting to discuss your Student Housing, 3D Rendering, Virtual Reality or Video needs. We would be happy to create a custom quote for you. You can also call us to Brainstorm a really cool idea for your property or just to chat!

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